What exactly is a military clinical consultant?

Same clinical skills, just used in a different way and in a different setting.

For years, I have served families as a licensed professional counselor.  I’ve had the honor of working with women out of prison, adolescent girls, and my favorite- military marriages After hearing service families behind confidential doors, I knew the fastest path to healing was studying the culture, military spouse culture (yes, that is a different thing) and how that impacts the health of a family.


In 2015 , I was named the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year- winning for all branches of service.  This opened doors for me to speak globally with key leaders, senior spouses, service families and consult with the Department of Defense and key military leaders.  In other words, my practice expanded from individuals seeking healing in the counseling office to teams, organizations, and institutions that had a similar desire for relational and psychological growth as well as answers to problems that had them stuck. 


As a military clinical consultant, I work with service organizations to evaluate program effectiveness, offer key recommendations for achieving impact with service families, write curriculum and work internally as a concierge consultant for organizations. 

Consultation, allows us to enter an advisory relationship that is quick, solution focused, and will change the dynamics within your marriage, or team for the better. 

I specialize in work with specific niches of the military and first responder culture including:

– Senior/General Officer level couples

– Special forces, special operations, SWAT, and intelligence groups

– Public, high profile leaders in the spotlight

– Military chaplain couples, or other ministry leaders


Organized, wrote, and launched the “Your Leaving Again” Deployment Series for the USO. In 2021-2022, consulted and research the pressing needs of active duty military families in every branch and made recommendations for family programming in 2022.

Wrote and designed Project Sanctuary‘s family retreat curriculum.  Designed to be a “one of a kind” and address family and marriage topics in response to the service culture and the organization’s mission. 

 Wrote military and first responder marriage curriculum, consulted on programming, team development, and coached/facilitate d families through marriage enrichment and retreats for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation.


 Worked with Baylor University’s School of Social Work to write military and first responder cultural competency continuing education for mental health professionals that want to work with service families. 

Hosted the InDependent Wellness Summit annually for the past four years by producing interviews for their virtual summit that attracts thousands of participants each year. I interviewed Jean Chatzky, Key Financial editor for the NBC’s Today Show, Boundaries expert Dr. John Townsend, Peter Docker from Simon Synek’s Understanding Your Why, and others. I also consulted InDependent’s strategic marketing and leadership development. 

Consulted with the non-profit Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians in marketing, program development, and is an ambassador for policy change on military spouse licensure portability and career portability.  My duties include being one of the public faces of MSBHC to bring awareness and education for military spouse clinicians.

Provided military family cultural competency education for mental health professionals that volunteer for the Red Cross.  My book Sacred Spaces has been distributed to key volunteers to help better understand military marriage dynamics.


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Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC