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Counseling for Service Families

It's time to take the first step to a better you.

As a military spouse and licensed professional counselor, I have dedicated my career to build stronger military and first responder families.  To reach as many individuals and families as possible, all counseling is done online, virtually.  Believe me… it works.  

Counseling is ethically limited to those in the following states:


Virginia (Tricare/Private pay/out of network)

Texas (Tricare/Private pay/out of network)

Colorado (Private pay/out of network)


Believe it or not, telehealth is extremely effective.  In fact, I have seen no difference between the effectiveness of online counseling versus in-person.  Even better, online enables me to work with families anywhere within the states mentioned above.  Thinking about couples work?  You can video in from separate locations!

(All individuals will be assessed for appropriateness of online therapy in the first session to determine if telehealth is right for you.)

  • Completely done online
  • Convenient (mobile device friendly)
  • Covered by (most) insurance plans


As a military spouse, I specialize in working with any military or first responder family.  I specialize though in unique individuals and couples that have a hard time finding competent counselors that understand them.  Whether you are a Senior Military Couple who has been under the pressure of the spotlight, a special forces service member or couple, or are trying to restore your marriage from a betrayal-  I would love to work with you.

  • Special Forces/SWAT
  • Senior Military Spouses
  • Transitioning into Retirement
  • Affair/betrayal recovery
  • adolescents/teens
  • marriage conflict/communication

Quick Highlights

You can access my resume and press kit for more, but here are some important highlights to know.



VIRGINIA (#0701006789 )

COLORADO (#0005674 )


TEXAS (#83152)


Prolonged Exposure & Cognitive Behavioral Processing (PTSD)

Certified Telemental Health Provider

Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder Advisor

National Certified Counselor (NCC)


Society of Consulting Psychology

It is the policy of Corie Weathers, LLC & Lifegiver, LCC to treat all patients and not to discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability.

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