I’ve traveled the world investing in service families and with deployed troops in Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf aiming to bridge the gaps that exist in military marriages.  

I believe it is important to make every person in the room feel seen and understood, so my approach is to do what we service families do best- dig deep quickly.  Families will leave the event with new purpose, direction, and hope.  

Speaking Topics

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Frequently Requested Topics

  • Motivating unproductive teams
  • Internal Leadership/Career Development
  • Enhancing internal communication
  • Changing unhealthy internal relationship patterns.
  • Becoming stronger team leads
  • Recognizing blind spots in leadership
  • Communicating where others will listen
  • Conflict Reduction 
  • Communicating with confidence
  • Becoming a Power Couple
  • Strengths-based Leadership Development
  • Closing gaps in experience and intimacy
  • Finding each other after deployment
  • Affair & betrayal recovery
  • Boundaries in marriage
  • Changing unhealthy patterns in marriage
  • “I lost myself” finding your identity again in the relationship
  • Self-care during early years of motherhood
  • Military spouse wellness
  • Military spouse resentment
  • Why are we not happy: a needs based assessment
  • Learning to be present again
  • Finding your identity & purpose
  • How to say “no” when you want to say yes
  • Generational differences in military culture
  • The impact of social media on military families
  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Current trends in military spouse wellness
  • Telehealth is the answer to spouse employment & licensure 
  • The win-win-win of TRICARE Behavioral health
  • Cultural competency in military behavioral health

Types of Events


Events can be tailored to the unique needs of your audience. I use my background of group therapy, facilitation, teaching, and leadership development to bring out the best in your audience. Turn your event into a life changing Gallup Strengthsfinder workshop or simply allow me to help your families decompress from a very challenging 20 years of war. I have led military spouse events like PWOC retreats, kick-off events, as well as military service member trainings of some of our most elite soldiers.  Regardless of your group size, I have facilitated groups of 5 to 120 easily through discovering individual talent and working together.​


Using my background of psychology and service culture competency, I provide a keynote that touches your audience. Each guest, sponsor, or participant will feel their segment was valued and transitions smooth. Let’s talk about your event and how I can help create a meaningful event.


Virtual events can still be transformative and intimate.  Whether you want to use Zoom or another platform, we can work together to design an event that is engaging and leaves participants feeling they have the tools to succeed at home.


The role of a military clinical consultant involves offering culturally competent information that leads to advocacy and changes to how service families are cared for.  Currently, I am advocating for licensure portability for military spouse clinicians, better mental health for service families, responding to the “People First Initiative” and understanding the impact of 20 years of war on service families.  I was a member of the Working Group spearheaded by Second Lady Karen Pence with Hiring Our Heroes and the Department of Labor and am part of key discussions that impact family wellness.

Check out the USO Series

“You’re Leaving, Again?” follows Matt and I over the course of a six month deployment. You will listen in as we authentically share everything from the tension before the tearful goodbye to the struggle to reintegrate on the other side. Along the way, we will touch on important topics that we believe every military marriage has questions about. We cover parenting, communication, intimacy while apart, and even how to restore your relationship after deep emotional wounding. We will also share what we decided to do during this deployment to connect and grow as a couple, all while the unexpectedness of life (and COVID-19) attempted to sabotage everything. 

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Corie Weathers

author, speaker, consultant