MASTERING Assertiveness

Communication doesn’t have to be so hard.

This event will allow the group to process the stress of the military lifestyle in a safe setting using a tool they will be able to use in their everyday interactions with military families. Participants will learn skills in empathy, self-awareness, and assertive communication.

The Mastering Assertiveness Training

This event merges a powerful communication tool with an interactive lesson on assertive communication that most have never been taught. Participants leave equipped to identify what they need, assertively (with kindness) ask for it, and take ownership of their own self-care. They will learn skills in empathy, self-awareness, and assertive communication using the 5 Minute Check-in©

*Learn and process how resentment in the military spouse community can become destructive to self and intimate relationships.

*Learn the practical skill of assertive communication and be able to identify unhealthy communication

*Take ownership of self-care and communicate needs for help and support.

*The high-level story of how the military culture evolved to where we are now.

*Identify areas of conflict or personal bias that prevent a community-building mindset.

*Learn the difference between passive, passive-aggressive, and aggressive communication, and how assertiveness is a healthy alternative.

This training can also include a Q&A opportunity to clarify, ask questions, and vision-cast solutions for challenging trends and obstacles.


*Note: This event takes a deeper approach to teaching communication. The military community is often one that represses personal well-being and is in critical need of decompression. Therefore, this event may feel more vulnerable than some are initially comfortable with. With my clinical background in individual, group, and team development, events are designed for adults to learn and process at their own pace, respecting everyone’s comfort level. Events are designed to be meaningful, and interactive, resulting in increased cohesion by the end. Flexibility in the agenda is encouraged to allow participants to process as a group, self-assess, and even address tough topics that are unspoken and negatively impact the work culture.

Like therapy or work in family systems, healthy conflict can be worked through to help get groups back on track and working efficiently. I will make every effort to end each training with positive group interaction and vision-cast practical steps the community can take to continue growth.

About The 5 Minute Check-in©

The easiest communication tool you will ever find.

Born out of the frustration of other tools that were way too complicated, this tool was created to help couples and teams get in sync quickly and reduce misunderstanding.

The 5 Minute Check-in can help you:

-Quickly share exactly what’s going on in your mind and body.

-Identify what you need.

-Communicate if there is something the other person can do to help you with what you need.

-Help you separate your thoughts from emotions.

-And all of that in 5 minutes or less so you get get on with your day (or date night…)

Bring Assertiveness to your team or group.

As adults, it is easy to think we have learned everything we need to know about communication. Yet, it is the biggest stressor in the workplace and at home. 

“I can honestly say that Corie Weathers is one of the best speakers and trainers of family-building, spouse-strengthening and leader developing instruction in my lifetime. She not only brings the data mined from years of research and collaboration but employs an ability to convey it with empathy and compassion for her learners.”


“Your assertiveness training is AMAZING.  Your lessons on this through ESR helped me move to the sweet spot of assertive communication instead of veering between passive-aggressive and right-out-aggressive with my spouse. Highly recommend this to EVERYONE.”

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