Strengths-based Coaching

When military and first responder families don't have time for talk therapy, strengths-based coaching might be your answer.

Why Strengths?

How does strengths-coaching work?

Strengths coaching sessions are accessible online, regardless of where you are.  Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, we will be able to see your natural talents- what comes most easy to you.  Not how well you play the guitar kind of talents- how you see the world, relate to others, and execute tasks.  Once we know what comes most natural to you, we can apply that to your marriage, parenting, and career to get you back on track to feeling fulfilled and on-purpose. 

Even better… I’ve seen strengths help individuals process grief, heal faster from betrayal and infidelity, even navigate conflicts at work and home.  

We can get A LOT accomplished in only 5 sessions and because it is not therapy, we won’t be diving into childhood issues or diagnoses. 

Looking for a check-up in your life or marriage?  Do you feel stuck on an issue? Are you still trying to figure out which direction to take your career? Strengths-based coaching is PERFECT for topics like these!

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC

Military Clinical Consultant/ Gallup StrengthsFinder Advisor

Coaching is not counseling, so we can work together regardless of where you are.

Coaching is not covered by insurance, but is often faster than therapy. 

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