Military and first responders don't have time for talk therapy.

And your organization, team, or business isn't interested in a diagnosis. ​​

The application…” of psychological knowledge to issues about which they advise others-or the group or organization as a whole-to work more effectively, to create conditions of high satisfaction and motivation, and to help people get along better with one another.” 

p.3 An Introduction to Consulting Psychology, R. Lowman

Strengths-based Consulting & Coaching

As a military clinical consultant, I’m able to take my background in clinical counseling and apply it to your situation by shifting the dynamics of your home, office, or event.  

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC

Military Clinical Consultant/ CEO Lifegiver, LLC

Services & Prices

My services look different depending on who I’m working with and what their needs are. Select which service you are interested in:

Mike Stuart