As a military clinical consultant, I’m able to take my background in clinical counseling and apply it to individuals, families, teams, or organizations by shifting the dynamics of your home or office.  

Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC

Military Clinical Consultant

What exactly is a military clinical consultant?

For years, I have served families as a licensed professional counselor.  I’ve had the honor of working with women out of prison, adolescent girls, and my favorite- military marriages Knowing my own experiences as a military spouse and then hearing from service families behind confidential doors, I knew the fastest path to healing was studying the service culture, military spouse culture (yes, that is a different thing) and how that impacts the health of a family.

In 2015 , I was named the Armed Forces Insurance Military Spouse of the Year- winning for all branches of service.  This opened doors for me to speak globally with key leaders, senior spouses, service families and consult with the Department of Defense and key military leaders.  In other words, my practice expanded from individuals seeking healing in the counseling office to teams, organizations, and institutions that had a similar desire for relational and psychological growth as well as answers to problems that had them stuck. 

As a military clinical consultant, I have worked with service organizations to evaluate program effectiveness, offer key recommendations for making noticeable differences in service families, and work internally as a concierge clinical consultant to teams within the organization. 

Same clinical skills, just used in a different way and in a different setting.

Consultation, for you as an individual, couple, team, or organization, allows us to enter an advisory relationship that is quick, solution focused, and will change the dynamics within your marriage, or team for the better. 

What is Consulting Psychology?

The application…” of psychological knowledge to issues about which they advise others-or the group or organization as a whole-to work more effectively, to create conditions of high satisfaction and motivation, and to help people get along better with one another.” 

p.3 An Introduction to Consulting Psychology, R. Lowman

Military and first responders don't have time for talk therapy.

And your organization, team, or business isn't interested in a diagnosis. ​​

So let's talk about working together...

It’s like having your own concierge consultant for your business.

Military & First Responder Families

In as little as 5 sessions, I can help you and your spouse not only understand each other and communicate better, but value each other again. 

Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, you will discover what you do exceptionally better than anyone else, how you can apply that to your relationship, and become the team you always envisioned. 

Organizations & Business

If you work in an organization that serves military and/or first responders, your mission and programming may not be as effective as you want it to be.  As a neutral clinical observer, I can help you see areas within the service culture you may not be aware of, identify gaps in your products/services, and then develop your team to work more productively.

Team & LEadership

Work dynamics can be just as stressful as a family reunion- full of drama and personality differences.  However, a productive team must have variability in strengths and respectful communication rooted in trust.  Any changes to the organization or team dynamics can cause chaos. I help teams navigate personalities, understand team dynamics, and develop followers into leaders.

Services & Prices

My services look different depending on who I’m working with and what their needs are.

Examples of services, workshops, and fees
Consulting on your marriage, family, and parenting dynamics is strengths based is perfect for the following topics:
  • Those who feel stuck in reaching personal goals
  • Discovering your sense of purpose & identity (perfect for military and first responder spouses!)
  • Leadership/Career Development for those who feel apathetic and discouraged.
  • Enhancing communication in marriage
  • Changing family and marital patterns
5 sessions ($120 per session) plus the Gallup Strength Finder Assessment ($20 per person) are recommended to see results.  Schedule Appointment
Working with your team includes understanding the personalities and strengths of everyone around the table.  I use a strengths-approach that is encouraging even in the most heated team environments.  here are a few topics that come up with teams:
  • Motivating a team that is not working effectively anymore.
  • Internal Leadership/Career Development
  • Enhancing internal communication
  • Changing unhealthy internal relationship patterns.
  • Helping YOU become a stronger team leader, recognizing blind spots, and refining communication
Working with teams and groups of people is very much like family counseling.  For that reason, consulting with your team involves developing a package that suits your needs.  As a starting estimate, team meetings are $150 per hour, individual working sessions are $120 per hour.  Schedule Appointment
Non-profit organizations and ministries function a little differently than for profit businesses.  However, both need a solid team that works professionally and productively.  Experienced in organizational psychology, I bring a systems approach to helping your team work better together.  Whether it is enhancing communication, tweaking or assessing the effectiveness of your vision, or assessing team dynamics, an outside, neutral, and compassionate perspective leads to growth.
  • Refine mission statements, vision, and strategic plans.
  • Develop your team through the Gallup StrengthFinders
  • Develop leadership skills in you and your team
  • Develop a counseling ministry in your church
  • Mediation through conflict and brokenness in your church or team.
One-on-one sessions that involve building or increasing the effectiveness of your organization is $120 per hour.  Group sessions involving teams are $150 per hour. Schedule Appointment
I have been honored to travel the world to invest in service families in places like Japan and with deployed troops as a media correspondent with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.  I visited Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan and aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf aiming to bridge the gaps that exist in military marriages.  I have been blessed to travel the US speaking at universities, churches, corporations, and conferences. I believe it is important to make every person in the room feel seen and understood, so my approach is to do what we service families do best- dig deep quickly.  Families will leave the event with new purpose, direction, and hope.  Here are a few speaking topics and ideas:
  • Marriage retreats offer an intimate teaching experience where couples are invited to connect with one another by learning important tools for communication.
  • Facilitating group dynamics for your military or first responder spouses, facilitating discussions that get to the bottom of obstacles to mission mindedness or resiliency and then building the group to a more cohesive unit.
  • Smaller events like women’s retreats, church events, and military functions provide an opportunity for me to speak truth and encouragement to your group.
  • Keynote speaker at webinars, policy meetings, panel discussions, and conferences.
Leadership Development/PWOC
Taking my love for facilitating groups, teaching, and leadership development using the Gallup Strengthsfinder, Franklin Covey, and various communication certifications, leadership development can be fun and life changing.  I have led military spouse events like PWOC retreats, kick-off events, as well as military service member trainings of some of our most elite soldiers.  Regardless of your group size, I have facilitated groups of 5 to 120 easily through discovering individual talent and working together. Individuals will leave knowing:
  • Exactly how they are uniquely created to see, work, and relate to the world around them
  • Their contribution to their work or team
  • The skills to work with others created very different from them.
  • New ways to say “NO” to activities that exhaust them or that they may be less talented in
  • Ways to mange their weaknesses while investing in their talents
Full day workshop (6 hours with breaks) $2000 + travel, lodging, and per diem.  Price includes consultations before your event & individualized prep work for your team. Special discounts are possible for military events.
Schedule Appointment
Often, the role of a military clinical consultant involves offering culturally competent information that leads to advocacy and changes to how service families are cared for.  Currently, I am advocating for licensure portability for other military spouse clinicians that want to continue to build their career despite challenges in the military lifestyle.  As a member of the Working Group spearheaded by Second Lady Karen Pence with Hiring Our Heroes and the Department of Labor, I am part of key discussions that will help other spouses maintain employment and continue as mental health professionals. I am always looking for more opportunities to serve and advocate if it fits within my passion and experience. Watch the “Open Letter to Tricare” that opened doors for advocacy:  
I am currently licensed in Virginia, Colorado, and (soon to be) Texas.  If you are interested in counseling as an individual or family, I can only provide counseling if you reside in one of those states. Counseling offers a deeper look into your motivations to think and behave the way you do as well as working on personal growth in your relationships.  Online counseling may not be a good fit for you if you are experiencing moderate to severe symptoms of PTSD or need face to face care or monitoring. Many, many families have found more success and faster results in bringing me in as a consultant to guide them in the Strengths Assessment and advise on ways to tweak your relationship and home dynamics.  For that reason, individuals and families are encouraged to reach out to find more information on consultation services rather than therapy. Organizations and teams are a better fit for consulting services.  Counseling is $150 per hour and is private pay only. Schedule Appointment  

Quick Highlights

You can access my resume and press kit for more, but here are some important highlights to know

Licensed Professional Counselor

I am licensed in the following States:

Virginia, Colorado, Georgia (inactive), and Texas (coming soon)


Prolonged Exposure & Cognitive Behavioral Processing (PTSD)

Certified Telemental Health Provider

Certified Gallup StrengthsFinder Advisor

National Certified Counselor (NCC)

Professional Membership

Society of Consulting Psychology