75th Ranger Regiment February 2020

What an honor to walk the 75th Ranger Regiment spouses through a StrengthsFinder event! Spouses came with an intention to come and take care of themselves. So many spouses struggle to; know what brings them joy and the Strengths workshop reveals that they have more coping skills and talents than they thought.

The group got to know themselves in a positive way, feel encouraged by talents they bring to their marriage and noticing the gifts in those around them. We also took sometime to decompress and process the stress of the lifestyle and its impact on them and their marriage.

The next evening we enjoyed a date night out at Jarfly where couples took the risk to walk through an exercise I led them through sitting knee to knee with their spouse. Always my favorite part- seeing couples reconnect when they have felt like ships passing in the night.

Reach out for opportunities to bring a workshop or speaking engagement to your group!