"If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family." ~Mother Teresa

Military and first responders put their life on the line for our community and country on a daily basis. Their sacrifice, and their family's sacrifice, is far more than most people know.  Service families willingly give up the comforts of stability, certainty, safety, and time together.  In today's culture, it is becoming more popular to "stand behind our troops" than to support the local law enforcement, bringing war into our neighborhoods.  

My goal is to breathe life into service marriages. As a professional counselor (and military spouse), I love working one on one with couples and families, but I also find that most of us wrestle with the same issues and questions- which is where Life-giver.org content was born.  Whether you are an individual looking for hope or an organization that wants to find better ways to serve these families,  you will find plenty of hope here.  I'm excited to partner with you.  

Clinical Military & First Responder Consultant

Corie specializes in work with specific niches of the military and first responder culture to include:

  • Senior/General Officer level couples
  • Special forces, special operations, SWAT, and intelligence groups
  • Public, high profile leaders in the spot light
  • Military chaplain couples, or other ministry leaders

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As a clinical consultant, Corie is currently partnering with the following organizations to bring hope to military and first responder families as well as the mental health community that serves them. Consultant and independent contracting serves to improve and write curriculum, advise on programming, and produce content.

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