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Consider working with one of Corie’s supervisees- military spouse clinicians. Schedule with them below or click to read more about them!
Telehealth available!!


Residents have graduated but are still under supervision.  Until they get at least 3 years of experience they cannot independently practice or take insurance.  This allows for a reduced rate as well.


Rebecca Brown, Licensed Resident Counselor in Virginia

Military spouse and adventure enthusiast, Rebecca Brown is eager to partner with future clients on a shared journey towards healing. “Becca,” M.Ed., NCC, is a licensed resident counselor in the state of Virginia and is currently under supervision working towards full licensure with Corie Weathers. Currently, Becca can work with residents of Virginia via Telehealth. Like most military families, Becca is no foreigner to change or unanticipated transitions. After a full and joyful 8-year career teaching high school English, coaching track & field and supervising the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Becca returned to school for her second master’s degree pursuing a lifelong calling to counseling. She recently graduated from an accredited Clinical and Mental Health Counseling Program in Georgia and completed a yearlong internship at a Child Advocacy Center. Here, Becca primarily worked with sexually abused children and adolescents while advocating for and educating families in crisis.


Believe it or not, telehealth is extremely effective.  In fact, we have seen no difference between the effectiveness of online counseling versus in-person.  Even better, online enables us to work with families anywhere within the states mentioned above.  Thinking about couples work?  You can video in from separate locations!

(All individuals will be assessed on appropriateness for online therapy in the first session to determine if telehealth is right for you.)


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