It's time to breathe life into service families

What military and first responder families need more than anything else is someone who understands.

Corie Weathers, LLC, NCC​

Military Clinical Consultant, Author, & Speaker

Owner, Lifegiver Consulting & Coaching

Corie Weathers, licensed professional counselor (LPC), is a sought-after speaker, consultant, and author of the award-winning book Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage. Corie has focused her career for the last 20 years as a clinician specializing in marriage, military and first responders, the service culture, and its impact on families.

She has traveled to Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf to visit troops and report on deployment conditions with Secretary of Defense Ash Carter and has taught service families across the globe.

Corie consults on military culture, produces content through interviews and videos, and facilitates transformative and productive workshops and retreats for service members and families on how to live, lead, find purpose, and build relationships using their natural talents.

Subject Matter Expert on Military Family Culture

Corie pairs her clinical expertise of 15 years working with military families with decades of research to consult as a subject matter expert on the evolving military family culture through her consulting business, Lifegiver.

Corie can help evaluate your program effectiveness, offer key recommendations for achieving impact with service families, develop leaders, and work internally as a concierge consultant for leaders and teams.

Leadership & Family Events

No death by powerpoint.

No wasted time.

Real, honest topics that make a difference for leaders and families. Participants will leave feeling invested in, equipt, and ready to win the day.

My job is to inspire change and transform lives.

Content Creation

You know your mission and vision better than anyone else. But when it comes to communicating it, especially to military families, you need someone who can capture the audience and connect with the culture. 

Corie helps organizations and businesses with video content, audio and video interviews, and event hosting as an emcee.

Let's heal families together.


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