Corie Weathers, LPC, NCC

Military & First Responder Clinical Consultant

What exactly is a Clinical Consultant?

After years of providing therapy to service families as a licensed professional counselor, I now apply those same skills from the counseling office to businesses and organizations.   Work relationships and team dynamics are a lot like families- sometimes you just need help communicating, settling the chaos after big changes, and helping the team work more efficiently. 

As a Military Clinical Consultant, I bring my clinical background, cultural competency as a military spouse, and many years of studying the military and first responder culture to help you grow in your marriage, parenting, or effectiveness in serving military and first responder families.

Military and first responders put their life on the line for our community and country on a daily basis. Their sacrifice, and their family’s sacrifice, is far more than most people know.  Service families willingly give up the comforts of stability, certainty, safety, and time together.  In today’s culture, it is becoming more popular to “stand behind our troops” than to support the local law enforcement, bringing war into our neighborhoods. is home to content for service families that will breathe life back into their homes. There you will find my podcast, blogs, marriage curriculum and the new Lifegiver Clinician Directory that allows service families to easily search for competent mental health professionals in their area.

As a clinical consultant, I’ve worked with organizations to enhance programs, develop better team dynamics, and write meaningful curriculum.  She is often brought in to speak on military and first responder culture, produce content through interviews and videos, emcee events as well as lead meaningful and productive facilitated sessions and retreats for families.  Here are just a few of the organizations she has worked with.

Individuals, Families, and Groups

I specialize in work with specific niches of the military and first responder culture to include:

  • Senior/General Officer level couples

  • Special forces, special operations, SWAT, and intelligence groups

  • Public, high profile leaders in the spot light

  • Military chaplain couples, or other ministry leaders


I’ve had the honor to work with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to write military and first responder marriage curriculum, consult on programming, team development, and coach/facilitate families through marriage enrichment and retreats.


Corie provides military family cultural competency education for mental health professionals that volunteer for the Red Cross.  Her book Sacred Spaces has been distributed to these volunteers to help better understand military marriage dynamics.


Corie has worked with Baylor University’s School of Social Work to write military and first responder cultural competency continuing education for mental health professionals that want to work with service families. 

Corie has hosted the Military Spouse Wellness Summit annually for the past three years by producing interviews for their virtual summit that attracts thousands of participants each year.  She has interviewed Jean Chatzky, Key Financial editor for the NBC’s Today Show, Boundaries expert Dr. John Townsend, Peter Docker from Simon Synek’s Understanding Your Why, and others. She has also consulted InDependent’s strategic marketing and leadership development. 

Corie has consulted with the non-profit Military Spouse Behavioral Health Clinicians in marketing, program development, and is an ambassador for policy change on military spouse licensure portability and career portability.  Corie acts as one of the public faces of MSBHC to bring awareness and education for military spouse clinicians.

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