Breathe life back into your military or first responder marriage.

What military  and first responder families need more than anything else is someone who understands.  This lifestyle can be rewarding but chaotic.  We are already a gritty group, we just need to be reminded that we have the strength to finish with our family intact.

Corie Weathers, LLC, NCC

Military spouse, Clinician & Advocate

CEO of Corie Weathers, LLC & Lifegiver, LLC

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Leadership development, team building, and consultation on mission development for your service related business, organization, or non-profit.


Bring meaning and depth to your event by bringing in someone who not only understands your audience but will make sure they feel seen.

Strengths Coach

With a background in clinical counseling and a certification in the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment, coaching offers a quick solution focused alternative to counseling.


Author of the award winning Sacred Spaces: My Journey to the Heart of Military Marriage, written content featured in print and online publications.


Close to 20 years in the clinical field, a majority spent with military and first responder families. Certified in evidence based PTSD treatments, all sessions are conveniently online.


Military spouse clinicians face licensure portability roadblocks, yet are some of our greatest assets to treating mental health issues in service families.

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