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Non-profit organizations and ministries may not profit like a large business, but there is no ignoring that in order that it run smoothly, it must function similar to a business.  People touched by your organization must trust that the inner workings of your organization are what you say they are about.  Whether it is developing or assessing the effectiveness of your vision, the productivity of your team, or helping you develop your leadership capabilities and those within your team- there is always room for evaluation and growth.  With an outside, neutral, and compassionate perspective.  Let me show you how your organization can move to the next level.  Contact me today for a FREE, personal consultation to see where we can go together...

  • Development of Mission Statements, Purpose, and Strategic plans.
  • Developing your team through Gallup StrengthFinders, for more click here
  • Developing your leadership skills
  • Developing a Counseling Ministry in your church
  • Mediation through conflict and brokenness in your church or team.

Corie is experienced in working with church ministries, chaplain ministries, counseling non-profits, and military non-profits


By now you know the hard work and dedication it takes to see your passion become your reality.  In this economy, it sometimes takes exhausting measures to keep a business not only surviving, but thriving.  I encourage a "Azimuth Check" every six months to make sure your business is going where you intended it to go.  An Azimuth is a navigational tool designed in navigation.  Used like a compass it must be regularly checked to see if the direction you are headed is still the direction you intended to go.  As a neutral evaluator with the heart of a teacher, bringing in outside perspective can help you see the obstacles that are in the way of your business achieving its potential.  Contact me today for a free consultation on the endless possibilities of your business.  

  • Developing or assessing the effectiveness of your Mission and Vision Statements
  • Utilizing Gallup StrengthFinders to your build your team and develop it's full productive potential.  Click here for more.
  • Develop leadership within you and your team through Strengths-based Leadership.
  • Mediate conflict within your business.


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