May 2017

Corie had an amazing opportunity to go to Misawa Air Force Base, Japan to lead 120 women through the Gallup StrengthsFinders.  This full day workshop event not only invested in each person’s individual talents, but also in learning how to work better with others.  It was an amazing opportunity to invest in an OCONUS installation that often struggles with isolation and depression while being so disconnected from the states.  Lasting relationships were built during a fun and meaningful time together.  Special thank you to the incredible Women’s Ministry Board for all of their hard work pulling off an incredible event!  Day two was all about investing in key leaders to train them up as Coaches in the Gallup StrengthsFinder- a perfect opportunity for mentoring those who attended the outreach event the day before!



June 2017

Corie leads a group of spouses through a weekend retreat.  Spouses enjoyed fun, games, a Girl’s Night Out and workshops on how to be your own super hero.  Corie encouraged the spouses toward self-care, setting boundaries, and staying deeply involved in community.


Few authors get the opportunity to do book authors in a place like Barnes and Noble, so when I got the opportunity I was so excited.  Savannah was the perfect place, too because Hunter Army Airfield was mentioned in Sacred Spaces as a key place that is dear to our hearts.  Special thank you to Elva Resa Publishers for making this possible!

What a joy to bring Sacred Spaces to Fort Stewart, GA.  Matt and I had the honor to speak at a Valentine’s Couple’s event where we celebrated marriage with chocolate, games, and a heart to heart talk on the difficulties and victories of marriage in the military.  Everyone got a copy of Sacred Spaces!  We talked about how difficult it can be to connect and find intimacy in your marriage when each of you are experiencing very “sacred” moments separately.  Special thank you to the amazing leadership of Fort Stewart PWOC who made this event GORGEOUS!!!

As an added bonus, I got to give a HUGE hug to Regina Wages, who I met at FOB Fenty in Afghanistan.  If you have read Sacred Spaces, you know how amazing it was to run into her again. She was the USO representative now back home in Georgia after spending almost a decade in Afghanistan serving our soldiers there.  I am still shocked that the USO does that. I am amazed by people like her.


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